Be positive

Look bright and attentive, have a positive tonus and a confident attitude. 7% of the opinion people have is formed through how a person looks, acts and sounds like. An interview is an interaction where you have to prove and sell yourself as best as you can. You are the only person in the room who will talk about yourself! So be positive about you and your experience.

You are not prepared

When you are invited to an interview, you have at least one day to prepare. We highly recommend that you search as much information about the company as you can and also update your resume (in case it is not already up to date). It is your responsibility for being fully informed when entering the discussion.

Be informed

Before the interview, find out the location, how to get there, how long the meeting will last and who is going to participate. Then, adapt your agenda accordingly so you can avoid unplanned events and stress caused by them. Look up as much information as you can: about the company, the job, the team, the interviewer. The internet is full of information. Should this not suffice, you can always use the media.

You do not pay attention to your outfit

The rule of the first impression is also true in interviews. And it goes without saying that you are expected to have a professional outfit even if the job you applied for is not customer facing. So, do not wear sun glasses, excessive jewelry or too much makeup.

Be prepared

The interview might have some challenging questions, so make sure you know what you want to answer to those. Preparing for the questions does not mean that you will create answers; it just means that you will know what to expect. Remember: being truthful is an important quality! Examine the job ad and prepare a set of questions you would like to address as well. Do remember that at the end of the interview (the first one at least) it is not advisable to ask about the salary and benefits. In many multinational companies the offer will be presented to you.

Your speech is inappropriate

If you are either quiet and do not offer enough information or you are too talkative you make the person interviewing you struggle to find the information they need. Another disturbing example is when you take the conversation out of context (go into personal examples) or when you bring out jokes. Our suggestion is to show moderation and adapt to the pace and tone of the conversation.

Dress to impress

Choose your outfit according to the company you are interviewing at, but remember to always dress professionally. Have in mind the image you want to convey and dress accordingly, no matter the job you are applying for.

You lie

About your experience, your knowledge, your studies, your criminal record, etc. An interview is a formal interaction in which both you and the employer want to see whether you are fit for the job. Lies can be quickly discovered and your reputation on the market may be damaged for a long period of time.

Be respectful

Treat everyone you meet with courtesy and respect. Arrive at least 10 minutes earlier. This will give you the time to get used to the place and be more relaxed during the meeting.

You are negative

About your experience, past jobs, former manager or team; by doing this you actually position yourself as unreliable and immature. Every problem can be viewed in multiple ways and it is always a sign of maturity when you take responsibility.

Remember the non-verbal communication

Remember to offer a firm handshake; make eye contact and have an adequate posture (avoid fidgeting and slouching). Even if you are having the interview in a room or over lunch, if it is a one-on-one or group interview the rules apply. Make sure you adapt your behavior to the specifics of the situation.

You are acting too familiar

You can establish with the interviewer to call each other by your first name, but that does not mean you can be overly familiar. It is best to avoid giving away unnecessary details about your personal life.

Be yourself

Be your best professional self! By being dishonest you have a sure ticket towards failing the interview or your application getting rejected. Not to mention that there can be legal actions that can be taken against you. Above all, consider your reputation and career on a longer term: if you act like someone other than yourself it will lead to negative outcomes for both you and your employer.

You are evasive

The purpose of an interview is to discuss in detail about your professional experience. If you are evasive in your replies, you do not ask any questions or you seem uninterested the feedback you send out is a negative one.


An interview is a two way street: you are assessed but you are also assessing. While maintaining a cordial and respectful attitude, you should also think critically about the way you are treated, the organization and the job. Compare them to your priorities and values so you can take an informed decision in the end.

You are disrespectful

If you chew gum, have a laid-back posture, answer your phone during the discussion or arrive late, you will most likely receive a negative feedback. It is the same when you show up at the interview with friends, parents or pets.

Follow up

Make sure you fully understand the stage of the interview you are in and what are the next steps. Also, do make notes of the people you talked to and their role in the organization. After the interview you should write a thank you letter to the interviewer.

You are condescending

Avoid displaying the attitude that signals the employer that they are doing you a favor by talking to you. Do not act condescending, arrogant, disdainful or unprofessional.

Be flexible

With all the proper planning you may never know how an interview may develop. A good candidate can adjust to the discussion and other factors that can appear: a test, a second interviewer stepping in or questions you did not expect. Best advice is to adapt to the circumstances.

Lack of career planning

If you seem desperate for any type of job, are only interested about the location of the company (because it is close to home) or you have unrealistic expectations on the growth you can have (e.g. become the CEO in 5 years, when the job you are applying for is Assistant Manager) you can expect a negative feedback.
Matei Vlad Laurentiu
2014-11-30 19:37:16

Thank you for the knowledge :). But I have always wondered, does a person's hairstyle matter? For example if a person shows up at an interview with a mohawk/punk hairstyle, will he/she will lose points?

Florin Olimpiu Farcas
2014-11-30 13:09:35

truly useful

Panagiota Theofanoglou
2014-11-23 23:27:21

Nice guide!

Diana Dumbrava
2014-11-23 23:17:44

Interesting and useful indeed!

Iulia Neamtu
2014-11-10 15:31:20

Very useful information, it helps the candidates to find out more about the company's ethics and values, and what the company expects at an interview from them.

Curpan Vlad
2014-11-07 22:16:35

-You do not pay attention to your outfit- indeed this is true , but, on the other hand, if you can wear what you feel comfortable in (a decent outfit of course...) maybe you can give to the employer the best impression of you.

Tasia Apostu
2014-11-04 14:41:22

For a beginner like me , this informatation is more than useful!

Luca Marina
2014-11-01 22:19:09

A really useful information.

Casiana Iustina Horobeanu
2014-10-24 11:49:45

This is really useful, especially for people who haven't experienced an interview.

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