My Community is a program which brings together the CSR and SPORTS campaigns with a mission to create and facilitate social involvement and engagement. This year many sport events happened across several locations in Europe.


Both in Cluj and Bucharest the CSR team had quite a busy schedule for the second half of 2014:

• 2% Tax Redirection Campaign. It was the 2nd year when it was initiated, together with more than 25 NGOs and over 250 volunteers.

• Blood Drive became a regular practice for both sites, being held twice per year. In April we had over 80 volunteers.

• In June we offered support to the animals from NUCA and Robi: more than 400 kilograms of food, toys, medicine and over 40 volunteers.

• We organized the traditional United Way Easter Fair, raised over 400 Euros for our community in money and goods and celebrated 5 years of Gold partnership with UW Romania.

• In June, along with Little People we celebrated the International Children’s Day, donating 1,000 Euros for special workshops. Our 20 volunteers played, sang and acted for children suffering from different medical conditions.


Corporate Games Romania, at its 7th edition, was the biggest sport event in Q2, gathering 80 participants from both Romanian sites.

Scoring the largest number of points, Genpact proudly brought home 4 trophies – Golf, Aerobics, Football for 6 & Running. We won 28 medals – 5 Gold, 13 Silver & 10 Bronze.


Board Games Night - In March 2013, the Hobby Caffe in Bucharest was the meeting point for the Board Games Championship. Over 70 people in Genpact Bucharest signed in hoping for the spotlight in Rummy, Monopoly, Poker, Catan and Activity. At the end of fierce battles and exciting games, each competition designated its champions. The Genpact employees showed a lot of energy, blending both team work and individual accomplishments, and making the best of an entertaining night out with the colleagues. We liked the idea so much that we replicated the event in Cluj, at Carturesti, having over 55 participants. On April, we organized a Brainy Friday, playing Chess and Sudoku, gathering over 25 brainiacs.


GenpActiv - Change your life - Cluj followed and organized April Health Month, having Fresh Food days with special menus at the cafeteria, Ergonomics seminars, Massage@ Work and a Zumba Marathon with more than 75 participants.


Work out, stay healthy - The Genpact teams in Bucharest and Cluj have made a mission out keeping their employees active and healthy by offering them special subscriptions to the World Class Academy gym. For two years members have been enjoying five stars services with the newest fitness equipment, top trainers and the latest trends in aerobics and wellness!


Sports Championship @ Cluj - We went one step ahead on the SPORTS Map by organizing 3 major championships: Bowling, Ping Pong and Poker. The initiative was a success, gathering more than 200 participants from these sports lovers.    

Matei Vlad Laurentiu
2014-12-01 23:59:04

Go Genpact!

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Go Genpact!

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