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Simina Cirstea

After the Gateway program, I started my activity for a customer from the chemicals industry. As I was soon to find out, the toughest part of my learning process was just beginning.  Actually working ina finance and accounting process taught me a lot, varying from hard skills(process knowledge, SAP and so on) to soft skills (communication, diplomacy,time management, customer orientation and others). During this period I have also completed my quality training, which taught me that change is good. There is always place and need for improvement. Always. 

I discovered that, not only do I like to learn new things, but I also like to teach. This has brought me to another Genpact Program, called Train theTrainers, which is designated to prepare internal trainers. After completing this program, I have become an internal soft skills trainer for Genpact.

Nicoleta Baciuc

I worked hard to keep the bar high and learn as many new things as possible, but I’ve also benefitted from the support and understanding of many great people.

In October 2013 I was promoted as Team Leader and switched to a bigger team within the same account: General Accounting &Fixed Assets. This new role brought me new opportunities in terms of interactions and helped me gather a complex understanding towards the finance& accounting processes.

Ana Ghetu

Genpact provided the flexible environment to put at good use my skills, an environment where I can travel the world, meet people from diverse cultures and take over roles that I never considered before. Interesting is a word I use a lot when it comes to my day to day activity…

My previous experience includes Corporate Communication, Marketing and Project Management and I think Change Management was the logical next step, even if it is a very new practice on the market. Regarding the future… for sure it’s going to be interesting.

Diana Dumbrava
2014-11-23 23:36:01

Hard work + passion = consistent achievements

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sadly it doesn't come with a belt but I bought a few to give sense to my role :) (fyi, Lean Six Sigma is a Japanese methodology taking inspiration from Karate)rnrnanyway, with a bit of dedication, being in the right place & very little luck I'm sure everyone could achieve this! all the best!

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Go Genpact!

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