In June, CARIERE Magazine published the story behind the Gateway journey at Genpact Europe.

Gateway is our trainee program centered on learning and career guidance, targeting mostly young graduates.

April 2012 was the start of Gateway in Romania, representing the pilot for Genpact Europe. Bucharest was chosen due to the high complexity of the requirements and expected growth. We found it difficult that after graduation most of the young adults lack the necessary experience and skills which allow them to access full time jobs. We also wanted to reach out to them and give back some of the experience and knowledge our professionals gathered over time.

More specifically, Gateway was structured as the learning and adapting period within Genpact, spread across 4 to 6 weeks. The starting point was to add a business flavor to the various academic backgrounds to our trainees. The framework for our program blends in up-skilling language classes, technical and soft skills trainings with real time experience, through shadowing in teams. The learning curricula include trainings on F&A, Procurement, IT Support or Customer Service, adapted to our business requirements. Moreover, the participants have the opportunity to observe day to day operations, discuss about their responsibilities and receive guidance and advice regarding a career plan. The end of the program is marked by a series of practical assessments the participants need to pass in order to be eligible for a job in Genpact.

Our first Gateway batch in April 2012 had a group of 7 graduates. By mid-2014 Genpact Europe welcomed over 200 participants and we are proud to have a 99% successful deployment rate.

Our ideal candidates have to be positive, eager to learn and develop and motivated to succeed!

And here are some of our Gateway graduates testimonials… 

“The first job after graduating university is always tough. You are not sure what is expected from you, how to behave and you are insecure – all this makes the transition from school into the office more difficult. Gateway helped me here – it gave me the confidence that I can succeed”. – Simina

“Many trainings, up-skilling my language, networking and getting to know the business all in a safe, learning environment – this is how I can describe my Gateway”. – Amalia

“For me it was more than a trainee program. It was a friendly way to approach the corporate world and a great way to obtain the necessary knowledge and skills for my job in Genpact”. – Catalina    

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