Europe Learning Center is the delivery of the „Learn. Grow. Succeed.” promise that we make to our employees every day.

The 600 square meter facility is dedicated to learning and development and can host up to 180 participants simultaneously. Our objective is to constantly develop our employees in an unconventional, collaborative, flexible and modern environment using active learning, best practice sharing and mentoring. Located in Bucharest, our Learning Center attracts Genpact talents from across Europe: Poland, Netherlands, Czech Republic and United Kingdom.

A different kind of learning

One of the programs hosted in the center is GATEWAY traineeship, for fresh university graduates. For 4 to 6 weeks, new joiners will have the opportunity to up-skill their language level, develop competencies in fields ranging from finance & accounting, to IT, procurement or customer service.

Another learning framework is WAVE, a program aimed at developing young managers, throughout 18 months of intensive trainings and practice.

“Anyone can copy our business model, rent a building and try to replicate it. But not anyone can select and develop leaders. This is where we make the difference. Every day, any of our employees in Bucharest can be part of a team spread across the globe. And the management competencies become essential in a virtual working environment”, states Crina Ilie - Hiring, Learning & Development Leader, Genpact Europe.

We created the Europe Learning Center so that it facilitates a flexible training process. There are two big rooms, that can be adapted, through the help of mobile walls to various training models. The mobile walls can become white boards and chairs can turn into writing tables. There are no computers – so that learning is a shared experience, through talks, discoveries, mentoring, coaching and many visual aids. The trainer is no longer the teacher – they become facilitators for learning.

In this environment, the trainee is taking over the power and becomes the manager of his/ her own learning and professional development. All the other elements are there to offer the necessary support.

Genpact aims at providing a different perspective to traditional learning, encouraging collaboration between colleagues, connection with the business environment, fast reaction to change and creativity. The entire learning and development engine is a conversion of the “Learn. Grow. Succeed.” concept.


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Matei Vlad Laurentiu
2014-11-30 20:01:02

Nice. Reminds me of the first day of school! :)

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sadly it doesn't come with a belt but I bought a few to give sense to my role :) (fyi, Lean Six Sigma is a Japanese methodology taking inspiration from Karate)rnrnanyway, with a bit of dedication, being in the right place & very little luck I'm sure everyone could achieve this! all the best!

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Go Genpact!

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