written by Iuliana Manza

Some people have a job. Some people have a career.

Are you interested in earning easy money and having them to pay your bills, buy new clothes every month? Or are you looking for professional growth, for building up skills, for fulfilling your dream?

What would you opt for? Both, you might answer. And I agree, but the important thing is how you prioritize the two of them. Making a goal only out of earning money might not lead you to a career. It might take you from one job to another, without having a red thread and lacking a major impact on your future. 

Instead, a career is a series of jobs interconnected, where you have the opportunity to improve and learn new skills, to develop relations and build your own network, to gain significant experience that will fuel your professional life for years. Yes, it might look like a long and sinuous path. But when you follow you dream, your most important goal, each and every job on the way might sound like a dream job taking you where you want to be.

What should you do to start building your career?

1.Set your goal – take some time (start today! ) and analyze what you enjoy doing, what are your assets and your areas to improve, what motivates you. Afterwards, having those answers, formulate your career goal. Be honest with yourself. Choose your goal because you feel you truly resonate with it not just because your friends have the same objective or because it sounds good.

2.Spot the fake opportunities – when searching for a new job or when accepting a new one make sure the step you`re about to take is leading to your target. Is it getting you closer to achieving your goal or is it just a nice package, which in reality offers no real value? 

3.Find a mentor – someone to inspire you, to help you with good advice whenever you need it, to subtly guide you when you find yourself in a quandary. Studies show that most people who succeed have a mentor. 

4.Keep your calm and faith! The results won`t come over night. The success is not always around the next corner. But as long as you keep your path, as long as every day is significant and brings meaning to your goal, the accomplishment is sure to come. It`s like enrolling in an adventure. Be sure you have with you the map and the magnetic compass!

Best of luck in your career!

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sadly it doesn't come with a belt but I bought a few to give sense to my role :) (fyi, Lean Six Sigma is a Japanese methodology taking inspiration from Karate)rnrnanyway, with a bit of dedication, being in the right place & very little luck I'm sure everyone could achieve this! all the best!

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