written by Iuliana Manza

Friday, 7.00 am - The alarm rings. I sleepily press the snooze button.

Five minutes later the alarm rings again. Snooze. And enjoy another five minutes in my bed. I barely get out of bed at 7.30.

I wash my teeth and I remember those days at kindergarten when I was waking up in the morning and asking my mom to take me along at her job. My mom is a high school teacher. And going at her work place was the most exciting thing for me. I had the chance to be a real princess for a day: almost 30 children 5 or 6 years older than me who already knew to read and to write were eager to play with me, to spoil me, to show me interesting stuff, to treat me with candies… Yes, indeed I was the princess. How cool that can be for a 4 year girl!

But my mom always refused me. She without exception insisted to take me to the kindergarten. And of course, I didn`t give up that easy. One by one, I was using all the manipulative techniques I learned about years later: promising her to be a good girl, to eat all the food in on my plate, promising her, in fact, everything she wanted to hear, telling her how much I love her, and finally crying. There were some days I was successful. And once arriving at my mom’s school, surrounded by those children in the class I felt great. And I enjoyed each and every moment. Those days are one of my sweetest and dearest memories from my childhood. 

This Friday was one of those days. I wish I had my mom with me and beg her to take me with her. The feeling was the same. But I was no longer that 4 year girl.

I finished washing my teeth and went to kitchen to prepare myself a coffee. And I kept thinking. What makes me happy today? I know that when I was a little girl I was extremely happy having the chance to interact with older children, having all the colored pencils I wanted, being spoiled, eating candies. For sure today, in the office I don`t have every day candies, colored pencils… There are no such external motivating factors. 

And I realized the answer to my question is somewhere else.

It`s within us. What drives us every day is our inner belief, our genuine dream that we can achieve something we want most. What makes me feel happy about my work is that it`s my chance to learn, to develop my skills, to reach my dream of becoming the best in the field, to build new relations, to meet interesting and inspiring people, to work on thrilling projects, to learn from failures, to share success. To become better each and every day.

I finished my coffee, I dressed up and I left my home with a smile on my face being sure that I`ll have a wonderful day at the office. Enjoying each and every moment .

What makes you feel happy about your work?

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