by Monica Moldovean

We all agree that what employers are looking for during a hiring interview is the skills et, the abilities and the know-how. And while studies equip us with theoretical knowledge and various activities we get involved in (either in school or through volunteering activities) offer us some environment to practice, companies are looking for the behaviors that prove future performance. And developing these is a matter of actually working in a business environment and taking up the challenges offered. 

But how can anyone study, work and have a personal life all at the same time?

Organize! Organize! Organize! Keep all your school materials organized, have a clear calendar of your schedule and activities, make a list of priorities and have a clear picture of your deadlines. Both for your studies and for work. If you find this difficult, you can talk about it. The concept of mentoring and coaching is fast growing in our country and companies have developed systems around it. So you will find people who have been in this situation in the past and who can give you useful tips& tricks.

Keep an open and flexible mind. You will have a clear schedule when it comes to work and classes, but the rest of your calendar can adapt to priorities and deadlines. At the same time, look at creating a routine that can support you and help avoid procrastination. Remember to also make time for the unexpected.

Be open about your schedule. Talk to your managers, to your friends and family. Setting the rules of the game early on ensures you will have time to include all the activities. Plus, it will show you take responsibility and have good time management skills.

Stress is imminent, but your reaction to it can make or break your success. You will have to learn how to live with your stress and in order to do so, there are some efficient tips:

  • Don’t forget your age and live like it. Even if it may seem that you have all the grown up responsibilities, you can take time from now and then and enjoy your age.
  • Include sports in your calendar. It may seem a drag at times, but those endorphins will make you feel great!
  • Take a break! Every once in a while you deserve it and this is something you should not easily forget.

Adapt to the 24h reality. As much as we all want to squeeze in everything and everyone, the day only has so many hours. Sot here will be meetings you will have to cancel, project for which you will ask for an extended deadline and a vacation you will postpone for something urgent and important. And that is ok!

Why do you wake up in the morning? Or in, other words, what is your main driver for going to the faculty you chose and for continuing to go the job you accepted. If you want, this is your private answer to the corny recruitment question: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”. If 5is too far away, you can think about next year or six months from now.

Be positive!

Your goals +motivation + others’ success stories = it can be done! J


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