By Ankur Kochhar

Whether you are working for an IT/ITeS company or a manufacturing firm, do you always feel that there are more applicants and less number of jobs-Welcome to the real world!The result of this is that employers can afford to be really picky. They're looking for qualified applicants who bring more to the table. Why can't that be you? I recommend the following 5 ways to make yourself more employable:

1.   Further your education

 Remember the final habit in Steven Covey’s book “7 habits of highly effective people”-It says “sharpen the saw”.  When  you take it in the professional sense, it means continuously improve and upgrade your skills. And what  better method to do  that than furthering your education and constantly renewing and upgrading your skill sets?

 Just because you're no longer in school doesn't mean the classroom is off-limits. Plenty of universities offer  classes for  adults, often in the evening or weekends so you can attend around your job schedule. MOOCs  (Massive Open Online Courses) are another convenient option to learn new stuff.

2. Get Social

 You may not be a computer fanatic or a big fan of social media, but if you want to become more employable, you've got to improve  your online presence. Many companies have recruiters that scour sites like LinkedIn looking for qualified applicants. Use social media  networks like Facebook and Twitter to follow the companies you’re interested in, and keep up to date with new developments in your industry. And  don’t be afraid to follow up with companies even if you’re rejected or don’t make it to the first round ofinterviews - this will help them  remember you should a suitable position become available

The only caveatis to ensure that your social media profiles aren't losing you jobs! Employers are researching your online life to make sure you're a good fit for the company before they extend an offer. Drunken or controversial posts, a combative attitude, and other unsavory and unprofessional additions will only work against you.

3. Learn a new Language

 The world is a multilingual place so knowing how to speak two languages can make you twice as useful as the other    people  applying for the job. This is especially useful in multinational companies like Genpact because it opens a lot of  avenues for you since they have operations in multiple countries with different languages and cultures. And my  experience says that this can be a great differentiator on your CV because not many people invest their time in  learning a new language. So in a world where there is more demand and less supply, do you know who gains!?

 Muy bueno! Excellente!

4. Have a positive attitude and be flexible

When you are looking out for a change, don’t get disheartened. If you feel negative or discouraged, you can bring this attitude into every interview. Don't think employers won't notice your lack of confidence. This will show in your demeanor and in the way you answer questions. If the employer has to choose between someone who's excited and confident over someone who lacks self-confidence, they're going to go with the former. Fake it until you make it, as they say!

5. Have a Killer CV

Last but not the least, your CV is your brand! Remember, no one knows you personally- they know your through your CV which means besides getting noticed amongst other truckloads of CVs, it also needs to have stuff that radiates  your brand value proposition on what you bring to the table and why are you and only you the best fit for the job.

Cookie-Cutterresumes have stopped working nowadays. When crafting your resume and coverletter, focus on skills that are a good match for each specific position.

Also have a look at some innovative CVs in the market. Now people have audio-visual CVs, CV swith visuals and recommendations of projects that you have done and what not!

Take a fresh look at your CV, is it screaming out how amazing you are? Or does it look a little outdated? Take this time out to go through your CV thoroughly and ensure that it oversells you rather than the other way round!

These were the top thoughts that came to my mind while I think of making myself more employable. If there are any other things you want to add, drop in the comments!


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