By Ankur Kochhar

I have read a lot of material on how to be a great boss, what are the qualities of one and a lot of other good stuff on the subject. But what about the complete opposite-in our journey to be a good boss or a good manager do we sometimes do what great bosses should NEVER do.

These are things I have reflected on after being with a lot of bosses, partly based on my own experience and partly on experience of colleagues. And as usual all the disclaimers and conditions of anonymity apply :-) ! The 5 things that are markable boss never does :-

1. Makes promises that can’t be kept

 This is something which I believe breaks the back of a boss-employee relationship. A lousy boss makes a series of  vague,  wonderful-sounding promises that are free of actual commitments, details, and timelines. By holding out  illusory carrots,the  lousy manager hopes that the valuable employee will stay put and keep quiet. The relationship is  based on mutual trust and  understanding. So this may keep the employee happy for a while but eventually all can  see through empty rhetoric and hence the  relationship suffers which has an adverse effect on the organization.

2. Doesn’t give equal opportunity to ALL employees

 Sure a boss has targets to achieve, goals to accomplish and results to deliver but he also has a responsibility to be fair and give  equal opportunity to all employees. One of the worst things, lousy bosses do is to play favorites. As happens in good old high school, No matter how hard you work, or the results you achieve, they some how become dwarfed by those of the teacher's pet!

This in turn demoralizes good employees when folks recognize that their efforts are not getting recognized which can either  result in the employees leaving or at the very least not performing to the best of their availability because they see no incentive.

3. Delays problems indefinitely


 Nothing kill steam morale more quickly than problems that don’t get addressed. Inter personal squabbles, performance issues, feuds between departments-all negatively impact employee motivation and enthusiasm. If the boss doesn’t step in and SOLVE for the problem and also simultaneously communicate very openly with the employees, it can  have a negative impact on the respect the boss commands or worse he may come across as spineless. And who likes spineless boss!

4. Cannot empathize with employees

Ever been in a situation where you come so close to getting an autograph from your favorite superstar and are blown off by him or his security staff. Don’t you think to yourself, “I would have never done that if I was in his place!”

This is exactly what I mean by the boss being able to empathize with employees. Is he able to put himself in the employee’s shoes? In the eyes of his employees, a remarkable boss is a star. This is a chance to inspire, reassure, motivate and even give hope to the employees. Even philosophically, I believe, one should not forge this roots or when one has come from no matter how high and mighty one becomes!

5. Constantly changes his mind

 Does this sound familiar? In the morning, they tell you one thing. After lunch, it's a different story. The less said about the evening, the better! Fickle bosses are challenging, because they can trigger never-ending false starts. And that can affect the initiatives you give to your team,  causing a colossal productivity and morale drain. It again comes back to empathy, how would the boss like it if his boss changes his mind  five times a day!

While there can definitely be a lot of other things that a remarkable boss would never do,these were the top 5 that come to my mind. I would love to hear more in comments.

PS: And I do plan to write about some of my great and inspiring bosses in my next blog-https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/5-things-great-bosses-do-ankur-kochhar


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I have read a lot of material on how to be a great boss, what are the qualities of one and a lot of other good stuff on the subject. View more

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