By Ankur Kochhar

While I have written my earlier blog on some of my not-so-great bosses (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/5-things-great-bosses-never-door-lousy-ones-would-ankur-kochhar), I wanted to round it up with writing about some of the great bosses I have had. Andfortunately they have far outnumbered the lousy ones!

1. Great bosses treat people well

Great bosses know that people who work from them are human beings and not robots! They care about their quality of life, they know that people will make mistakes and even some times fail, they recognize that employees have lives outside of work (lives that will sometimes get in the way!), and they treat people with dignity and kindness, even in the hardest moments. This gets them respect from the people who work from them and motivates the people to give their best for someone who has been with them through thick and thin.

2. Great bosses lay out clear expectations

One of a boss’s most important responsibilities is to communicate clear, concrete goals and make sure that the reportees know what success in their jobs looks like.They’re also relentless about identifying the most important results for their teams to achieve and focusing on how to get there, and are rigorous about asking, “Is this the best way for us to be spending our time and resources right now?”

3. Great bosses are experts in the art of the possible

They think big and make their teams think big redefining what is possible and achievable.They’re often almost ruthless about identifying ways their team or organization could perform better, and they apply this same determination to improve themselves as well. (And that last part is key; it’s what gives themcredibility when they ask their staff to do the same).

4. Great bosses trust you and treat you like an adult

There is a level of trust a great boss would have on their people. They are typically mature and secure in their positions. They’re not monitoring your every movement at your desk, or demanding a doctor’s note when you’re out sick, or signing off one very tiny decision you make. They don’t care if you come in late or leave early occasionally, as long as you’re doing good work. They trust you to be a responsible adult and to manage your own time and work – and they trust themselves to spot it if you’re not.

5. Great bosses keep the focus on results

A great boss focuses on results rather than focusing on a personality cult and making a ring around themselves with that cult. They assess people’s performance based on what they’re actually achieving; they’re not overly swayed by whether someone schmoozes with big names over lunch or just keeps quietly to themselves. And to help keep the focus on results, they work to remove obstacles from their team’sway, whether it’s bringing in more resources or eliminating policies that slow people down.

There have been so many great bosses that I have had that I can hardly sum their characteristics in a blog. And I am sure that different folks have different priorities from their bosses, which is what I would love to hear in comments! 

PS: Hope thispleases some of my ex-bosses who may have been not-so-pleased at the earlierblog :)


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While I havewritten my earlier blog on some of my not-so-great bosses (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/5-things-great-bosses-never-door-lousy-ones-would-ankur-kochhar), I wanted toround it up with writing about some of the great bosses I have had. View more

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