We are the largest international service provider for global customers, in Romania.

All around the world, our 66,000 employees work in partnership with over 100 companies listed by Fortune 500. In Europe, Genpact operates in Romania, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. We offer finance & accounting services, procurement and contract management, IT support and business consulting in over 20 languages, with the help of our over 2,500 employees in Bucharest and Cluj.


We provide our employees with a complex training curriculum, ranging from foreign language classes to international management and leadership certifications. Our brand new Europe Learning Center in Bucharest is our perfect space for personal and professional development.


Our eclectic work environment gives our employees the opportunity to interact on a daily basis with customers and colleagues of different nationalities and cultures. This interaction contributes to the idea of unity and brings the feeling of belonging to one global Genpact team, transforming the company into an effective service hub. To us, the acknowledgement of these values translates directly into development.


Our belief and promise for our people is "Learn. Grow. Succeed.". In other words, we are not necessarily scouting for experience, but for the willingness to learn and develop at all career levels. We hire people who want a "career" rather than a "job" and we develop their skills from their very first days in the company. The proof lies within the internal promotion rate of 60% per year.

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sadly it doesn't come with a belt but I bought a few to give sense to my role :) (fyi, Lean Six Sigma is a Japanese methodology taking inspiration from Karate)rnrnanyway, with a bit of dedication, being in the right place & very little luck I'm sure everyone could achieve this! all the best!

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Go Genpact!

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